Victoria Diaz Jorda

This school is a life-changing experience for a child. Before joining TOLCA, my son was in a very loving place, but it lacked a real "educational/academic approach". In merely 3 months, my son went from not being able to recognize letters, or draw between the lines, to perfectly tracing the alphabet, identifying (and pronouncing!) the sounds of each letter,saying the pledge of allegiance, and even reciting some is great to see him showing an interest in schoolwork that is sent home. To top it off, he is in the bilingual program, and he is slowly starting to speak Spanish without being prompted. His teacher, Mrs. U, is phenomenal...she is structured, organized, learning-oriented, and has the perfect balance between a mom and teacher. My child constantly talks about her, and reminds me that his teacher is his "best friend". AMAZING! As for my daughter, she is in the younger toddler program but happy in her new environment. Her teachers, Ms Beverley, Ms. Nicole, and her very favorite, Miss "Osi", are nurturing, kind, and patient. I can't wait to see her transition to the next age group and watch her discover new things! The administration, which I believe plays a huge part in the culture and environment of the teaching staff, is great! The owner, Marcy, is super involved, and very flexible, making sure that each family's need is met as best as possible. She worked with us in the beginning with our schedules, and we now are enrolled full time :) Miss Webb is fantastic, always wearing her biggest smile, and readily available when you need her. Marcela knows every child by their name, and she's only been at the school for a short while, which says a lot about her commitment to the school. Last but not least, I am thrilled at how they involve the parents in daily activities. I just did a Dr. Seuss reading for my son's class and it was wonderful to share the experience with him! They offer Friday night babysitting on several occasions throughout the year, and it just adds on to the great offerings they have.Thank you, thank you, thank you TOLCA for making our days brighter, our children happier, and our family stronger! :)

Elise Paine

Tree of Life Christian Academy is an amazing school!!! I am so blessed to have such a great school for my daughter to attend. Her teachers & the staff are amazing, & so loving & wonderful with her!!! ♥

Massiel Tavarez

This school is amazing! From the ownership, to the staff, and teachers, everyone gives my kids so much love! We are very happy with our decision to have our children attend this school!

Ana C. Gall Orozco

I can never have enough words to thank all the staff: owners, admin, teachers that are involved in my son's everyday learning experience. As soon as you walk in you feel as part of the TOLCA family and the love that surrounds the place as well. My son started in the Wobbler classroom were he instantly fell in love with Ms. Beverly (he adores her!!!) the transition to new teachers is run smoothly and they accommodate the child to any new environment and son started the Toddler classroom, and I know it is a hard transition with many changes, but I have full confidence in each teacher.

I know they will achieve their biggest goal at the moment, which is to receive their Apple Accreditation, they will achieve this accreditation as many others to come, it is wonderful to see how much TOLCA has grown, and to be a part of this on a daily basis. Thank you so much to each and everyone of you for this amazing, warm, safe and loving environment. Only the best wishes.

Stefania Nagles Gomez

I highly recommend this school to parents...i have visited several schools but none like this one...they have covered everything from amazing security, great classrooms, organic lunches and amazing teachers & staff!!

Catherine Arias

Tree of Life Christian Academy is definitely the most wonderful place for our baby!! The teachers are so loving and kind! Our baby is happy to go to school every day. I give Tree of Life Christian academy a 10 out of 10.

Janice Murdoch

Awesome a dream come true! Gods blessings to all !!!!

Daphny Mekler

Great school!!

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