Separation anxiety is a normal developmental stage experienced by a child when separated from the primary caregiver. Separation anxiety usually begins between the ages of 8 months-l year and peaks between the ages of 1 and 2. Signs of separation anxiety are crying and distress. The Childs crying and clinging can express two different messages. First, the child may cry when the parent leaves because they fear that the parent will be gone forever. The second situation is when the child, often after a fairly good day, begins to cry when the parent returns. This is because parent’s return reminds the child of how he or she felt when the parent left.

Tips on making the transition easier:

1. Help child become familiar with new surroundings and people before actually
leaving the child there.
2. Remind the child of previous brave things he or she has done.
3. Instead of saying goodbye to your child, say ‘see you soon’ or ‘Ill be back in a little while’. This reassures the child that you are going to come back and not leave them forever.
4. Minimizing fears by eliminating scary TV shows.
5. Prepare the child by reading them books about going to preschool.
6. Make shopping for school supplies a special event just for that child.
7. When leaving give a quick kiss and hug and cheerfully say goodbye.
8. Don’t prolong your departure or come back several times.
9. Don’t sneak out of the room.

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