1 - year olds (Wobblers)

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The goal of our one’s team is to welcome each family to their classroom and foster a sense of security by taking the time to learn the personalities and likes of the child. Our toddlers are kept active and involved. Toddlers are never too young to learn. We encourage our toddlers to develop social skills as well as intellectual skills. Our different centers allow children to move freely to areas of individual interest and at the same time constantly being supervised by the teacher. Our toddlers develop friendships and are very curious. The primary areas of development are focused daily. From:

• Fine-Motor Skills: finger and hand movements, pincer grasp, finger painting & clay molding
• Gross-Motor Skills: kicking, running, walking, coordination, etc.
• Emotional-Skills from frustration to joy
• Social-Skills: “people skills”
• Communication-Skills: teaches them to put their wants and needs into words. Singing simple songs.
• Cognitive-Skiils: they are very aware of their environment, they begin to sort toys by shape and color.