“May God’s blessings spring forth in your life”

March 2021

Dear TOLCA Parents,


As we welcome March, we do it thinking about Spring. Every Spring, life begins again! Flowers, trees, animals, and insects start the Life Cycle Process. Chances are children have a strong association with Spring knowing it’s a time of flower’s and changing weather. This month, students will learn how Spring is celebrated around the world and will get the full understanding through first-hand experience. We have many Spring activities and projects ahead!


While we welcome Spring, Summer is also near. Summer Activity Fee’s will be applied to your April’s monthly tuition. The one-time Summer Activity Fee of $200 (child) $325 (more than one child) includes children ages 1 and up. The Summer Activity Fee will include all in-house activities, materials, art & crafts, and bonus visitors (ex. Petting Zoo, Plaster Carousel, etc.)  AND… our “Thank God it’s Summer!” Camp T-shirt. We are anticipating a fun and exciting Summer!


Friendly Reminder... Daylight Savings Time begins on Sunday, March 14th at 2am. On Saturday night, set your clocks forward one hour (losing one hour) to Spring Ahead!

Holidays and Observances

  • March 2- Dr. Seuss Birthday
  • March 14- Daylight Savings (Spring Forward)
  • March 20- First Day of Spring
  • March 19- 26 (NO VPK)


Monthly Topic- “Mail Express”


Week 1- My Love to Read On! Dr. Seuss

Week 2- Butterfly Life Cycle

Week 3- Jesus Loves the Children

Week 4- Rich, Young Ruler Zacchaeus


Continent: Asia

Artists:   Women’s History

Month Music: Latin Music

Celebrating the Arrival of Spring in Your Classroom

Week 1

My Love to Read On! Dr. Seus

Week 2

Butterfly Life Circle

Week 3

Spider Life Circle

Week 4

Pond Life

Week 5


What's Happening this Month?


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